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Passenger collaboration & crowdsourcing

Increased knowledge, increased confidence and proactive management

SL is Sweden’s largest Public Transport Authority, with the overall responsibility for ensuring accessible, well-developed and reliable public transport for almost 800,000 daily travelers in Stockholm County. 


During the covid-19 pandemic, huge challenges were faced in order to sustain public transport as a vital societal function. At SL there was a need to obtain control over the situation within the public transport system and practice preventive methods to avoid crowded situations at bus stops and platforms and thus maintain a safe and convenient travel experience for their customers. 

Real-time reports from passenger smartphones

Enabled by the Veridict platform, large-scale real-time crowd insight was rolled out, collecting data from end-customers across 26 municipalities. Passengers were able to anonymously report on perceived congestion via their smartphones from an easily accessible reporting app with user-friendly interface.


Data were aggregated in a cloud-based database and SL could access data via interface and application. In that way, the transit agency received valuable knowledge about the congestion situation in real-time. 

  • Entirely anonymous reporting

  • Free text space

  • Adaptable and user-friendly interface

  • Can be used for multiple question domains

Passenger app

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