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For innovative transit agencies 

Transit agencies need to meet the escalating expectations of their passengers with a reliable and attractive service. 

Dependable and attractive transport services

Improved digital passenger experience and convenient real-time information

In a rapidly changing environment for shared mobility, transit agencies need to adapt to an increasing competitive landscape and need the right technology to stay ahead of the curve. 


Veridict has vast experience within the public transport area and cooperates with leading actors within the industry. We offer tailored digital solutions for transit agencies, for them to improve their transport service, with the help of AI technology and visualizations. 

Image by Jorge Vasconez

Live transit maps

A transit map, metro map, system map, bus or train map - a schematic map that gives an overview of the public transport system is a must for each and every transit agency. It plays a central role when it comes to passenger communication.

But how can we bring this success concept into the future?

Real-time traffic monitoring 

Our infotainment products and live traffic maps, can be used on any device and with advantage be used for internal communication purposes throughout the operation. Advanced interactive traffic visualizations can trigger different scenarios in real-time on digital screens and web. 

live traffic map
digital passenger experience

Improve digital passenger experience

Customized traffic maps and visualizations for native apps, web, public displays and other vital end-customer targeted channels for improved external digital communication. 

Curious to find out more?

We are happy to talk to you about how we can find the best solution for you. 

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