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For next generation mobility service providers

Real-time integrated transport services, with the passenger in center. 

Qualitative and attractive transport services

Keep track of your transports and communicate real-time information 

For Mobility Service Providers to ensure a well-performing and attractive transport service, Veridict offers a real-time traffic management view containing features to enable effective coordination of the contracted operators, in order to get a combined overview of the complete transport service.


Map-first information enables an instant overview of your different operators including automated messaging. All your vital information is shareable with the contracted operators and end-customer targeted channels, in real-time.

Transport service

Keep track of your transport service

A complete traffic management and coordination solution, enables an instant overview of your contracted operators. All vital information is shareable with your operators such as timetables, reports etc. 

Live traffic maps and real-time information

Customized traffic maps and visualizations for web, public displays and other vital end-customer targeted channels for improved external digital communication. 

live traffic map

Why Veridict?

Automated communication processes

Reduced operative costs for traffic coordination and manual communication with operators.

Reduced customer churn 

Better disruption management towards end-customers and reduction of reimbursement costs for errors in service, leads to increased ticket sales. 

Improved digital presence

Addressing reliability in information and on-time performance enhances the digital customer experience and strengthens your brand. 

Optimization of service

Increased margin profits from service optimizations, due to improved planning support and utilization of statistics. 

Curious to find out more?

We are happy to talk to you about how we can find the best solution for you. 

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