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Veridict Corporate Mobility

For integrated and sustainable business sites

Reliability, efficiency and sustainability

Veridict optimizes internal corporate mobility services

Large enterprise sites and business parks are facing vast challenges where shared mobility and related information services, are becoming evermore crucial to stay competitive. Additionally there is an increasingly amount of privately held cars, as the expansion of large business sites. 

Veridict enables efficient and digitized transports by offering a complete business system of integrated applications and connected vehicles. 

Benefits with a corporate mobility service

corporate mobility

Reduced parking related costs

Reduced parking related costs by turning large parking lots and garages to profit generating areas. With people riding together, you will see less traffic congestion around and within facilities.

Reinforced employer brand

Eliminating the requirement for staff to own a private car to get to work, reduces economic impact of commuting on your employees. 

sustainable transports

Less traffic congestion

Shared mobility means greener communities and reduced overall carbon footprint by decreased CO2 emissions derived from vehicles. 

Veridict improves your corporate mobility service


Reduced operative costs for traffic coordination and manual communication with operators.


Advanced analytics and statistics, enables planning and proactive traffic management.


Interoperability and a multimodal transport offer, combined with easy trip planning.

Digital communication

Improved digital communication with live maps for apps, web and large screens with multiple features.

Saved costs

Vehicle deployment with maximum rotation, optimizes fleets and cut costs.

Curious to find out more?

We are happy to talk to you about how we can find the best solution for you. 

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