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For modern transport Operators

Connected vehicles and real-time monitoring 

Reliable and attractive transport services

Todays mobility landscape is fast paced and operators need to innovate and modernize, in order to stay ahead of the curve. With our technology, operators can easily digitize their operations and  lower costs. By connecting vehicles to Veridict Traffic Platform, you'll receive a real-time overview of your fleet, avoid service disruptions and share real-time data with your customers. 

Why Veridict?

Open platform

Independent hardware creates a future-proof platform. All data generated is standardized and ready to be shared with your customers.

Quick and easy

Hardware administration is completely remote controlled and handled by us, including automated software updates and the use of selected third-party apps on all entities. 

Tailored solutions

We always strive to bring the latest innovation to our customers and tailored solutions based on your company needs. 



We offer more than just software, our team possess vast expertise within IT and passenger transports and will follow you through your digital journey. 

Tired of complex systems?

Connected vehicles in no time - avoid cumbersome installations

Connect your fleet

Onboard devices with connected screens enable reliable connectivity. Driver can access selected third party apps.

Map-first monitoring

Monitor your vehicles in real-time on a map-first view. Our web based application can run on any device, for maximal flexibility. 

Share your data

All data in the platform can be shared with different stakeholders. Everything is distributed to the right user - at the right time.


Use historical data to trace a specific vehicle back in time. Obtain a solid basis for where a bus was located at a certain time, to use in delay-related customer matters.


Strengthen your brand and offer with user friendly passenger apps and web integrations.

Curious to find out more?

We are happy to talk to you about how we can find the best solution for you. 

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