For modern transport Operators

Veridict offers web-based applications, for instant monitoring of your vehicles - in real time. 

Reliable and attractive transport services

Todays mobility landscape is fast paced and operators need to innovate and modernize, in order to stay ahead of the curve. With Veridict's technology, operators can easily digitize their operations and save costs.


By connecting vehicles to Veridict Traffic Platform and receive a real-time overview of all traffic, all data can automatically be shared with customers through the cloud-based platform. 


Instant benefits for your operations

Reduced costs

Lower your your administrative and TMS costs by connectivity and automatization. 

Proactive disruption management

Detect any disruptions or delays in your service, before your customers do and increase the reliability and quality of your service. 

Eliminate calls to drivers

Real-time tracking of your vehicles reduces the number of calls to drivers.

On-time performance

Ensure a high quality transport service and take necessary call to action when deviations occur. 

Tired of complex systems?

Veridict traffic management application and uplink package, require no cumbersome installations since everything is handled in the cloud. 

Link up your fleet

With our uplink package including software and onboard devices, you can instantly track your vehicles in minutes. 

Map-first monitoring

Monitor your vehicles in real-time on a map-first view and manage your traffic. Our web based application can run on any device, for maximal flexibility. 

Automated communication

All data and info within the platform can automatically be shared within your business network. Everything is distributed to the right user - at the right time.

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