Veridict Livemap™ – Traffic platform

Turnkey or fully customized solution

Traffic platform brain

Traffic platform

Central traffic platform for real-time traffic operations
  • Real-time traffic visualization
  • Connecting multiple types of traffic and data systems
  • Enable real-time operative system with deep functionality
  • Share and collaborate across systems and stakeholders
Operators interface computer screen

Operators interface

Smart and light operative interfaces running on cutting edge web technologies
  • Desktop and mobile clients
  • Customize views and features
  • Optimized for performance
  • View, operate and analyze
Visualize map


Visualize traffic and travel information on any desktop, mobile or remote information screen client
  • Travel information systems
  • Mobile apps
  • Homepages
  • Information kiosks
  • Flexible API

Delivering interconnected functionalities in one platform

Fully cloud based or on-prem

Visualize traffic


Visualize traffic and ITS infrastructure data in real-time
  • Advanced visualization algorithms
  • Massive scalability
  • Public transport routes and stops
  • Combined mobility services including autonomous vehicles
Connect data sources


Connect multiple data sources – create a system of systems
  • Multi-brand vehicle fleets
  • Bus, tram, light rail, subway, railway, ferry and autonomous vehicle traffic
  • Traffic lights, road sensors, signs, CCTV
Global standards


Collect and standardize all operational data in one platform
  • Standardized output towards other operational systems
  • Deliver standardized transit data in GTFS and GTFS-RT
  • Automatically compensate for lack of, or missing information
Power on


Exploit the power of a system of systems
  • Real-time operational decision support
  • Enable driver support
  • Simulate and optimize traffic
  • Route utilization
  • Deep traffic analytics
  • Situation awareness
Share data


Collaboration and data sharing between all systems and stakeholders
  • Deploy towards all clients – Desktop, app, websites
  • Effectively convey information
  • Fully customizable interfaces for different user groups
  • Accessible for large number of users

Veridict Livemap™ delivers solutions for

Mobility providers

Bus stop
Transit agencies
Traffic operators
Vehicle OEMs

Software providers

Bus fleet
Fleet management
Taxi pin
Ride sharing
Bus and paper
Traffic management

Software as a Service

Veridict Livemap™ is delivered as a SaaS – either fully cloud based or on-prem



Livemap is simplicity at its best with little to no configuration required. Option of user customized interface without unnecessary clutter


In the cloud or on-prem

Either fully cloud based or on-prem, meeting customer requirements. Cloud offering benefits of mission-critical uptime, no OS dependency, automatic software updates and zero maintenance costs for the customer



Livemap platform complies with the latest international standards in terms of digital security

Individually tracking millions of data sources around the globe utilizing advanced AI enabled algorithms predicting future scenarios

Optimized back-end processing enables lightweight and fast clients regardless of the amount of data and number of users

Livemap functionalities enhanced by Veridicts interconnecting technologies

  • Big data
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Natural language processing

The Livemap traffic platform is built for flexibility and the same system can be set as operator, vehicle, stop location or user centric

About us

AI meets Big Data in real time.

Veridict is an Artificial Intelligence company that enables our enterprise customers to Access, Process, Analyze and Visualize their business-critical data on a massive scale in real-time.

Our technologies range from Artificial Intelligence to Predictive Analytics, Cloud computing, Speech technology, Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding, all of which have earned multiple awards over the years.

We provide highly optimized solutions for mission-critical applications with unprecedented performance in terms of accuracy, response-time and usability.

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