Bringing digitization and innovation to shared mobility

Veridict offers a powerful Traffic Platform that helps mobility service providers and operators deliver better transport services.


Transport operators

Connect your fleet to our platform and get rid of manual administration and communication processes. 

Mobility Service Providers

Ensure a well-performing and attractive transport service by connecting with your contracted operators and automate communication processes. 


Corporate Mobility

Optimize and streamline your internal transport service and reinforce your employer and corporate brand. 

Transit agencies

Convey real-time information to your passengers throughout their journey.

Enhance your digital passenger experience with live maps and digital timetables. 

Public transport

Traffic Platform

One cloud-based platform, distributing real-time data, to the right stakeholder - at the right time.  

Maps & visualizations

Deliver real-time traffic information to your passengers and enhance your digital presence.

Manage your traffic with ease.

On-time performance, statistics and disruption management.

Keep track of your transports

Connected fleets

Easily connect your vehicles, receive real-time updates and save costs, by optimizing your operation.

Real time data

Unprecedented technology

Veridict's solutions rely heavily on advanced algorithms for automation processes. A large part refers to automatic handling of data and integrity issues between stakeholders. 


Veridict's platform analyzes all uplinked vehicles and continuously calculates measured values and delay data.

Veridict empowers the next generation shared mobility

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