Uplinked vehicles - in no time

Link up your fleet to our platform and beyond

Monitor your vehicles in real-time

Veridict Link is a complete cost-effective package including devices, software and connectivity. Follow your vehicles in real-time, and generate real-time data that can be used to create delay information for your customers. Everything is remotely managed by us. 

Digital passenger counting

Veridict Link is also equipped with digital passenger counting (DPC) software, so you can easily keep track of the number of passengers and share that information in real-time with your customers.

Smart & efficient operations

Map-first overview

Instantly monitor your fleet with a map-first overview of your traffics. 

Disruption management

Detect any disruptions or delays in your service, before your customers do. 

Eliminate calls to drivers

Real-time tracking of your vehicles reduces the number of calls to drivers.

On-time performance

Ensure a high quality transport service and take necessary call to action when deviations occur. 

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