Real-time traffic visualizations and traffic management

Veridict Traffic Platform provides transport actors with complete solutions for traffic management, connected vehicles and external digital communication. Our cloud-based Traffic Platform connects transport actors by providing a digital link – enabling a seamless information flow throughout the entire transport chain, providing real-time data to the right stakeholders at the right time.

Veridict Traffic Platform comprises of a suite of web-based applications used by mobility service providers and transport operators, in order to streamline their operations and create a more attractive transport service.

Veridict Traffic Platform

Get up and running in no time, and with ease!

  • Adapted for the passenger transportation needs of tomorrow; connected fleets, autonomous vehicles and multi-modal MaaS
  • Seamless integrations with both public transit and corporate mobility services
  • Real-time analytics and monitoring, ETA’s and predictions, traffic KPI’s, digital passenger counting (DPC) …
  • Quick deployment and no hardware installations
  • No connected vehicles? — Connect your fleet using our Driver App (runs on any Android device)

Live traffic maps

Deliver map-first information to your riders with real-time updates. Our live maps can easily be integrated to your website or app and can display hundreds of thousands vehicles down to the second.

Don’t spend time and precious resources on developing your traffic map in-house or through expensive consultants; instead, simply connect your data to us, add the map to your homepage or share it on public screens and other external channels.

Four hands put on each other

Let’s partner up!

Through simple APIs your service offering can be boosted by our technology — adding to the value created in the ecosystem.

When 1 + 1 is greater than 2. We believe in co-operation and work with both software and hardware partners — creating greater sums in a multimodal and automated world.

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Discover how Veridict can help you differentiate your transit service and stay ahead of competition.