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For businesses wanting a simple & hassle-free map overview of their planned traffic.

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Step into the real-time world - at entry level. Supervise and share.

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Supervise your traffic from the cloud & share traffic information with all your riders - all in real-time.

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Run a State-of-the-art traffic platform leveraging Livemap™ technology.

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So what does it all mean...

Toxel view:

Firstly, what is a Toxel? A Toxel is a data package delivering traffic data for a certain geographic area and timespan. Think of it as a dynamic video clip of the traffic for a specific geographical area and timespan. A typical desktop screen will view 9 Toxels simultaneously, generating one Toxel view per Toxel length. The Toxel length, the timespan of each Toxel, varies depending on your zoom level. More zoomed in equals shorter Toxel length.

Toxel usage example: Our professional plan is suitable for small to medium sized traffic operations and will allow you to reach tens of thousands mobile users with your traffic data, every month.

GTFS upload and deploy:

Add your own GTFS data to your hosted site for a great visualization of your planned traffic. Simply upload your GTFS data files as a zip-file and have it deployed to your hosted site or integrated as a layer to your Leaflet or Mapbox application. Default traffic on your hosted site is Veridict’s sample feed from beautiful Stockholm.

Real-time enabled:

Simply connect your GTFS-RT feed to your already uploaded GTFS and have your real-time application up and running in no time.

Hosted site:

Your organizations own hosted site (typical url: where your own custom data can be deployed for internal and/or external use. Your hosted site will be based on the standard Livemap client by default, as seen on Livemap24. Tip: The hosted site can easily be integrated to your homepage.

API integration:

Our APIs easily integrated as a layer in your map based application. Full integration documentation provided. Leaflet or Mapbox application are well supported.

Standard map tiles:

Our standard range of map tile styles consists of our standard and dark themed maps. Used within your Hosted site.

Data adapters:

Don’t have your traffic data available in GTFS / GTFS-RT, speak to us. We can support you in developing the necessary adapters to reach more riders.

Prefer to be annually billed – great, we will even give you a discount:

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Do you need to be a registered company to subscribe to the service?

Yes, you will need to be a registered company with a valid VAT number to subscribe to the service.

How does Veridict’s self-service portal work?

Once registered for a plan you can easily login in to your account from our homepage to view and update your details as well as check your invoices, payments, etc.

How long are your contracts?

For our Basic, Standard and Professional plan we offer both monthly and annual contracts. For our Enterprise plan we offer annual contracts.

How do I cancel a subscription?

You can cancel a subscription form our self-service portal.

Invoiced instead of Credit Card?

Yes, our Enterprise package is possible to set up with standard invoicing.

Where can I find more information on GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) and GTFS-RT (Real-Time)?

You can find useful information here: GTFS & GTFS-RT

To whom can I turn with additional questions?

If you have any further questions about our services or other product related enquiries please contact