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public transport

We are the world-leading provider of live transit maps 

Next generation transit maps in public transport

A proven success concept enters the 21st century with modern technology

London transit map
  • Easy to understand

  • Provides a clear overview of the system

  • Quickly and intuitively shows exchange possibilities, lines, stations

  • Accessibility for all – universal and established interface that is mastered by everyone worldwide

"A transit map does not show where a travel system is located geographically
– but how you use it”

Transit maps 2.0

Live transit map

Live transit maps in the public transport system combine the system map's immediate and intuitive overview of how the system is connected, with real-time data from vehicles - in one and the same interface.

It's an upgraded transit map that is thus an important complement and does not compete with other existing information carriers, such as travel planning apps, timetables, or conventional maps.

According to a survey conducted by the Swedish Transport Administration

75% of respondents rate the live transit map as useful or very useful

So what are the benefits with live transit maps?

public transport

Instant overview

Facilitates for passengers at various types of delays, as travelers can quickly see the next train or bus and at the same time plan a new, alternative route using the live transit map.

Faster than a conventional app

Surprisingly the phone is not always the fastest! A live transit map showing real-time positions at a train station, can help a traveler choose the best route for their destination, in just a few seconds.
No need to navigate the website, searching in menus or required text input.

passenger using smartphone

Delivered to you as a complete service

Our live transit map are designed to facilitate implementation and delivery. This is not a cumbersome IT-project, trust us when we say it's easy to get to the finish line!

  • No additional load or impact on existing technical infrastructure

  • ​​Embedding on a web page is as easy as embedding PDF maps; a document link for each map

  • Distribution to screens in traffic as standardized web content

  • Adaptable and future-proof

What do we need from you?

  • Existing maps (in original format)

  • Traffic data such as static data and real-time data (e.g. Noptis, GTFS/GTFS-RT)

  • Design wishes for dynamic parts

Curious to find out more?

We are happy to talk to you about how we can find the best solution for you. 

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