Masks in Public Transportation

Crowd-reporting in public transport

Increased trust and statistical data with passenger collaboration 

The current pandemic is putting severe pressure on the public transport system, which requires innovation and proactive management of the congestion problem. Passenger collaboration in public transport contributes to an updated state of knowledge about passenger attitudes. 

By enabling retrieval of location-based data directly from travelers' mobile phones, improved readiness can be created for both the traffic authority and travelers in situations of high congestion.

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Anonymous reporting

Passengers in Stockholm Region can report on how they experience the crowding situation during their trip with public transport. The function generates valuable data and insights for further planning and analysis. 

  • Comment function

  • Completely anonymous reporting

  • Customizable & user-friendly interface

  • Can be used for other question domains

Crowded on the bus?

Passengers can either report from a function in the SL-native app, or they can scan a QR-code on several selected buses within the transport system. 

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