Veridict brings trust in transit

Shaping the future of transit

Veridict is a Stockholm-based software company within Intelligent Transport Systems.

We are committed to building an attractive mass transit ecosystem, capable of tracking and predicting every transit vehicle in the world in real-time — in order to bring trust and transparency to public transport.

Our solutions empower all public transport actors; from enterprise MaaS providers, to public transport agencies, operators and riders — to create truly valuable insights and contribute to a sustainable society.

Our vision

A world where shared transportation is convenient, reliable and predictable.

Unpredictability and waiting times are unfortunately common global problems for shared transportation today. Riders spend a lot of time worldwide, waiting at stops and terminals in uncertainty about when their bus or train is going to arrive. We want to change this.

Our mission

Unite all shared mobility services, corporate and public – into one global integrated platform.

Our traffic platform allows transit service providers to more efficiently run their transport service, by connecting fleets and by using advanced transit visualizations. Whether you are a traffic controller, driver or a rider you can benefit from the information provided in our platform. Our mission is to establish reliable traffic information that can actually be trusted!

you’ll be in good company

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