Our Story

Veridict is a software company passionate about sustainable passenger transports. We make use of the latest technology to help companies thrive with their operations.

The company was founded in 2006 and has since developed a platform built on AI, cloud networks and state-of-the-art web technologies. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden

Running an attractive service

At Scania's site in Södertälje, Sweden, they run a truly attractive transport service for all their employees and visitors – we're happy to be supporting them in their sustainable work – transporting people to, from and around their 4 km2 site

Our software is connecting and helping Scania to manage their mixed vehicle fleet through our driver app and web interface

The system generates and shares real-time information to the Scania Go mobility ecosystem and their 14,500 employees – down to the second

  • 250 daily departures
  • 200,000 riders per year

Global Integration

Veridict Livemap integrated into Ericsson's IoT platform – adding traffic supervision and analytics capability.

Ericsson's IoT solutions help you create real business value quicker. So whether if it's connecting cars, trains, or an entire fleet, Ericsson have the expertise to drive your business forward in IoT security and connectivity.


Traze is a free and open service for helping to keeping track of public transportation. It utilizes data from public transport systems and user-provided crowd-sourced data.

Traze is proudly maintained and developed by Veridict AB – to support the use of sustainable shared public transports.

If you have questions or suggestion about Traze, please don't hesitate to contact us at traze@veridict.com.

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